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AI2GO: Driving Twin Transition in Europe

Montag, 22.08.2022

Best practice from Finland and Germany for the usage of AI in sustainability

After the summer holidays we will talk with our international guests from Taival, AHK Finnland, FUTURES PLATFORM and Fraunhofer IAIS about best practices in the fields of AI and Digitalization with the aspiration of becoming or being sustainable.

Michael Hanf, Managing Director of Taival Germany, will briefly introduce us to Twin Transition and why it is crucial for digitalization and AI per se, followed by a project report on AI-driven recycling in plastic flow ecosystems. Handing over to Dr. Jan Feller, Managing Director of the German-Finish Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK), who will present some of Finland’s best practices for digitalization & sustainability as one of Europe’s leading countries for both topics. Afterwards, Katharina Milde, Project Manager and Researcher for the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, will provide a brief overview of the aspects of resource intensity and greenhouse gas emissions due to digitalization and highlight potential leverage points for shaping a more sustainable digitalization. Max Stucki, FCA Manager for the Futures Platform, closes the first part of our event with a structured overview of how trends and developments can be used as a strategic tool.  

In the second half of this AI2GO session, we would like to engage in a brief discussion and talk with our speakers about the future of digitalization and sustainability and the role of AI technologies in this Twin Transition. We would also like to invite you to join our discussion by sending us your questions or participate interactively in the session itself. 

We look forward to your participation! 

22. August, 10:00 – 11:45 AM (CEST), Moderation: Florian T. Jovy-Klein


Twin Transition – AI in plastic flow ecosystems

Michael Hanf Managing Director of Taival Germany and Executiv Partner Taival

Michael is a seasoned business and technology executive, leader, and strategist with more than 20 years in business and technology consulting. He has deep experience in helping companies deliver and navigate disruptive change. He is passionate about combining his deep insight and experience in technology, his ability to build high performing teams and strong business acumen to help companies leverage technology to drive top and bottom-line business results.

Taival is a new type of advisory company working at the intersection of strategy, data & technology, ecosystems, and circular economy. With agile methods and co-creation at their core, Taival helps customers identify, plan, and execute initiatives that drive real sustainable success.

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The digital Green Transition – Cases from Europe´s digital north

Dr. Jan Feller Managing Director, German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) 

Jan Feller is managing director of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. As binational, he has had the privilege to study, found companies and be employed in both countries: Germany and Finland. He has (co-) founded three own companies, worked 10 years for Nokia and Microsoft in various positions, and joined AHK Finland in 2015. He holds an PhD in industrial engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. 

The German-Finnish Chamber (AHK) is part of the Network of German Chambers of Commerce abroad. The 30 people team in Helsinki offers services such as tech- & startup scouting, market entry and tax consultancy for companies in German-Finnish business. 80% of Finland’s exports to Germany go via their 650 member companies.

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Resource intensity of digitalization

Katharina Milde Researcher and Project Manager, Fraunhofer IAIS

Katharina is a researcher and project manager at Fraunhofer IAIS. Her research interests focus on climate change adaptation, sustainability, and resilience of (urban) systems as well as corresponding tool design and system analysis. She holds a master’s degree in Physics from the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, Germany. 

As part of the largest organisation for application-oriented research in Europe, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, based in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, is one of the leading scientific institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data in Germany and Europe. With over 300 employees, the institute supports companies in optimising products, services, processes and structures as well as in developing new digital business models. 

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Strategic trends and forecasting

Max Stucki Foresight Analysis Manager, Futures Platform 

Max Stucki is the foresight analysis manager at Futures Platform. Max develops and oversees the analysis process and participates in various consultancy projects. He has several years of analytical and advisory experience over various projects, including the Middle East region.  

Futures Platform specializes in strategic foresight. The company offers a digital tool that makes foresight accessible and collaborative. Futures Platform also offers consultancy services related to various foresight needs, including scenario planning and foresight system building. 

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