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KI.Forum.NRW 2021: The annual conference of KI.NRW


Speech technologies as factor of succes for companies

On November 4 the annual conference of the Competence Platform for Artificial Intelligence in North Rhine-Westphalia will take place for the second time. The aim is to bring together interested stakeholders from science, research and corporate practice to discuss the opportunities and potential of current developments in the field of artificial intelligence and to show how they can be profitably applied in business. This year, we are placing a special focus on AI-based speech technologies.

At the latest since the fuss about GPT-3, text generators, chatbots and other intelligent speech applications have become an integral part of current technology debates. Thanks to the enormous progress in this field, we will be able to eliminate haptic input devices more and more often in the future, let computers write texts, and have conversations with artificial avatars.

Together with well-known speakers from prestigious companies and research institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia, we will provide a three-hour insight into the opportunities and potential associated with the use of modern speech technologies. We will demonstrate applications based on concrete use cases, such as semantic research, question-answering systems or speech and image recognition, discuss the European project for the provision of a large AI language model for industry Open GPT-X in a panel and also offer sufficient opportunities for personal exchange between participants and speakers via a special networking tool.

With this event, we want to introduce the numerous possible applications of modern speech technologies, convey a basic understanding of how they work, and show how – and above all with what advantages – these technologies can also be used in your own company.

We are already very much looking forward to welcoming you soon at our annual conference! The event is free of charge and will take place online in the morning from 9:30 to 12:00.


What can you expect at the KI.Forum.NRW?

The KI.Forum.NRW offers a mix of use cases, expert discussions and networking opportunities. Both beginners and advanced users will benefit from the content of the various program sessions at the event.

Use CasesConcrete possibilities for the use of modern speech technologies

Experts will explain practical application opportunities based on current use cases in order to demonstrate the steps required for the introduction and use of these applications in companies in a practice-oriented manner. Both beginners and advanced users should benefit from the content of the event.

Expert Panel – AI Language Models “Made in Europe

A distinguished panel will discuss the lighthouse project OpenGPT-X. The project has set itself the goal of generating and providing a large AI language model using the GAIA-X infrastructure. The experts will provide companies with an insight into the new opportunities that the project could open up for their own business areas.en.

AI in dialog – Initiating and managing innovations

What can companies do to initiate AI innovations, generate quick wins, or even sustainably establish an active innovation culture?

Networking Meet the Speaker

Following the presentations, all participants will have the opportunity to enter into dialog with each other via the Wonder.Me platform. In accordance with the “Meet the Speaker Principle”, the speakers can be asked questions in person or the content can be discussed in greater depth with the AI managers from KI.NRW in separate groups. We are already looking forward to your suggestions!

Who is the event addressed to?

The KI.Forum.NRW connects specialists and executives from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as people interested in AI with experts from AI research. The goal is to enable an intensive exchange on the current state of modern speech technologies in the sense of knowledge transfer.

“This year our annual conference is dedicated to current developments in the field of speech technologies and their economic potential. Focused on dialog and practice, we are offering a digital event that provides companies in particular with an entertaining and informative introduction to AI speech technologies. NRW is capable of AI and is already acting as a digital creator today – we are pleased to be able to bring this potential closer to you using actual use cases from NRW.”

Dr. Christian Temath, Executive Director KI.NRW

Accompanying materials

For the KI.NRW team, the year 2021 is all about AI-based speech technology. Therefore, we have compiled useful information for you to accompany the program content of our annual conference:

Study “Moderne Sprachtechnologien – Konzepte, Anwendungen, Chancen”

(only german version available)

In collaboration with scientists from Fraunhofer IAIS, employees of the competence platform KI.NRW have published a 150-page study that shows where we already encounter modern speech technologies in our everyday lives, how they actually work, and what economic opportunities and potential they offer.

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