Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart
Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Flagships »powered by KI.NRW«

AI lighthouse projects from North Rhine-Westphalia

“We want to further develop North Rhine-Westphalia into one of the ten strongest European locations for artificial intelligence. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are networking the state’s outstanding AI competencies and strengthening the AI ecosystem. Supported by KI.NRW the lighthouse projects demonstrate the diverse possibilities and position North Rhine-Westphalia at European level in regard to artificial intelligence.”

Dr. Christian Temath
Dr. Christian Temath
Managing Director

Flagships »powered by KI.NRW«

AI lighthouse projects from North Rhine-Westphalia

“NRW is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence. The Flagships “powered by KI.NRW” are presenting pioneering projects in which AI technology from NRW is driving relevant changes in society. By creating broad visibility, we also want to inspire small and medium-sized enterprises to use artificial intelligence and thus further consolidate NRW as a location for innovation.”

AI lighthouse projects from North Rhine-Westphalia under the patronage of KI.NRW

Operating under the brand “Flagships powered by KI.NRW”, the Artificial Intelligence Competence Platform North Rhine-Westphalia supports AI lighthouse projects funded by the state. The aim is to ensure and support efficient technology transfer and close cooperation between SMEs, startups, universities as well as research institutions in the federal state NRW. In the following KI.NRW presents an overview of the current flagships (continuously updated and extended with further projects).

The KI.NRW Flagships


Interdisciplinary project for the development of AI-based mobility concepts for the world of tomorrow

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Artificial intelligence in hospitals: A joint project led by Essen University Hospital ensures how hospitals from NRW can be transformed into so-called “smart hospitals”.

More information AI versus Covid-19

A research project led by KEX Knowledge Exchange AG to develop an intelligent early detection system to prevent supply shortages of medical protective equipment and thus strengthen the resilience of the healthcare system.

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AI certification “made in Germany”

A cooperation between the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS and the German Federal Office for Information Security BSI to develop technical test methods for the certification of AI systems.

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Further flagships will be announced shortly.


KI.NRW Flagships: Strategy and Goals

KI.NRW flagships are highly innovative and application-oriented AI projects funded by the state of NRW in individual and joint projects from various sectors, such as mobility, agriculture, production and health.

Linking innovation drivers

Large companies, SMEs and start-ups work closely with universities and research institutions to solve socially relevant issues. Under the patronage of KI.NRW, those innovation-driving actors and competencies are networked, the funded projects are accompanied in terms of communication, and the federal state NRW is positioned at European level in regard to artificial intelligence by marketing the results. The focus lies on sustainable transfer and further utilization of the project results.

Getting AI expertise into companies

In view of the rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence, it is important to further promote application-oriented technology transfer. As a central point of contact, KI.NRW supports small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence in order to guarantee the resilience and competitiveness of local companies for the future. The KI.NRW flagships demonstrate possible applications of artificial intelligence and are thus considered pioneering projects that can also inspire other companies also interested in using AI in their business. For decision-makers seeking initial advice on the introduction of AI in their company, our brochure »Quick Start AI« is available for download. In addition, KI.NRW is planning a free »AI consultation hour«. Soon you will be able to make appointments with our AI managers. We will inform you about this in due time via our newsletter.

Making excellence visible

North Rhine-Westphalia offers an excellent infrastructure for pioneering projects and is very well positioned, especially in the field of AI research. With the KI.NRW flagships, we are making the state’s AI excellence even more visible. In addition to the flagships, our interactive AI map gives you an even more comprehensive overview of players from industry, research and qualification who specialize in the topic of artificial intelligence.

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The competence platform KI.NRW is developing North Rhine-Westphalia into a leading national location for applied artificial intelligence and establishing the state in international networks. As the central state umbrella organization for artificial intelligence, KI.NRW combines the triad of cutting-edge research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to accelerate the transfer of AI from cutting-edge research to industry, to establish a leading region for professional qualification in AI and to set impulses in the social dialogue. In doing so, KI.NRW places people and their ethical principles at the center of the design of artificial intelligence. KI.NRW is funded by the state ministries MWIDE and MKW and led by one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS in Sankt Augustin.