Datenfabrik.NRW: Artificial intelligence for Production and Logistics

Minister Pinkwart kicks off “Data Factory.NRW” at Claas and Schmitz Cargobull © Claas

Soon you will find news and progress from the Datenfabrik.NRW project on the project website.

Datenfabrik.NRW: Artificial intelligence for Production and Logistics

What will the production of the future supported by artificial intelligence look like? The “Datenfabrik NRW” project aims to pioneer and shape the digital transformation in a real production environment. 

The “Datenfabrik.NRW” is a project of the leading-edge cluster it’s OWL, in which the companies CLAAS and Schmitz Cargobull are developing a model for a data-driven factory of the future together with NTT Data, Duvenbeck Kraftverkehr and MotionMiners as well as the Fraunhofer Institutes IEM, IML, IOSB-INA and IAIS. Based on the most innovative processes and applying artificial intelligence, the factory design, production, logistics and enterprise architecture of the user companies will be analyzed and transformed in pilot areas. In addition, a strategic operational framework for change management as well as an IT infrastructure will be developed so that technology and knowledge transfer will find broad appeal beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The four participating Fraunhofer institutes are contributing their application-oriented research and practical implementation experience to the project and are taking on the AI components of the project. The project addresses three key issues: It identifies and develops practical solutions for the use of artificial intelligence in industrial production. Furthermore, a transfer of methods and technologies from science to companies is enabled in order to integrate AI-supported solutions into existing processes and company architectures. Additionally, a holistic change management is developed to support companies in organizing new processes for the use of artificial intelligence. The results will then be implemented directly in the factories of Claas and Schmitz Cargobull and should also be available for use in other companies

Both KI.NRW and the leading-edge cluster it’s OWL support the dissemination of the project results. The Datenfabrik.NRW project (runtime 4 years) has a total volume of 14.5 million euros and is funded with 9.2 million euros by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Flagship updates

Datenfabrik.NRW in April at the Hannover Trade Fair 2024
A new project demonstrator and use cases for AI in production will be presented at the joint booth it’s OWL (D27, Hall 7)
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The production of the future is being created in NRW
Datenfabrik.NRW publishes new brochure with results, challenges and goals from the second year of the project
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Datenfabrik.NRW at the Hannover Messe 2023
Datenfabrik.NRW draws positive conclusions
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Now online: »«
Online platform for data-driven production in NRW
New brochure from Datenfabrik.NRW available
The production of the future is being created in NRW
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Webinar about KI.NRW-Flagship project »Datenfabrik.NRW«
17.08.2022 • Digital
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Minister Pinkwart gives the go-ahead for »Datenfabrik.NRW«
26.10.2021 • Opening event
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Voices on the research project

Günter Korder

Managing Director it‘s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential for making machines and plants more efficient and productive. With the data factory, we want to rethink production fundamentally – and consistently capture and utilize data from factory planning to production and logistics. Manufacturing companies throughout OWL can benefit from the results and experiences. it’s OWL will organize workshops, tours and transfer projects for this purpose.”

Andreas Schmitz

Chairman of the Board Schmitz Cargobull

We will trial the knowledge we gain from our involvement in the Datenfabrik.NRW project for production, the production planning process and production logistics directly at the Vreden plant site. The Vreden plant will then take on a model function in our international production network for the further development of production overall.

Dr. Christian Temath

Managing Director KI.NRW

In the pioneer project Datenfabrik.NRW, AI systems are deployed directly in real-world environments of factory planning, production, logistics and enterprise architecture. The strong partners based in NRW are thus demonstrating that AI is no longer a dream of the future but is already a real benefit for companies – a great example of how the transfer from research to application can succeed. We are therefore very pleased to include the data factory as a lighthouse project at KI.NRW.

Flagships powered by KI.NRW

Operating under the brand “Flagships powered by KI.NRW“, the Artificial Intelligence Competence Platform North Rhine-Westphalia supports projects funded by the state as AI lighthouse projects in order to support efficient technology transfer and close cooperation between SMEs, startups, universities, colleges and research institutions in NRW. Under the strategic auspices of KI.NRW, the competence platform provides communications support for the projects and positions NRW as an AI location by marketing the results at European level. One focus is on the sustainable transfer and further utilization of the project results. 

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