AI.Kick-off –  Introductory presentation on Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to understand the concept of artificial intelligence and how the terms AI, machine learning, artificial neural networks and deep learning are related? We designed an interactive introductory presentation which explains the different facets of AI in a readily comprehensible manner by providing many vivid examples and short films. Entertaining, informative, and suitable for larger groups.

What is the AI.Kick-off?

The AI.Kick-off is an introductory presentation on artificial intelligence. In about 90 minutes, you will be given an overview of the meaning behind the term AI, how the buzzwords artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are related, and which opportunities and challenges are associated with the technology. The content is illustrated by numerous examples, and we always find areas of application that match the respective target group.

Who is the AI.Kick-off for?

This offer is particularly suitable for larger groups: The interactive presentation provides your employees with an introduction to the topic of »artificial intelligence«. The AI.Kick-off is primarily designed for staff training in a company. Beyond that, it can also be an offer of information for employees of municipalities and communities, for members of clubs and associations, or for social interest groups, such as cultural associations.

How will the AI.Kick-off be implemented?

The AI.Kick-off can be implemented online via MS Teams or in person. The 90-minute presentation is characterized by a mixture of technological content and visual examples. We also make sure to involve the participants and to answer questions immediately during the session.

Benefits of the AI.Kick-off at a glance

The AI.Kick-off provides you with insights into the current state of the art and related trends. It helps to clarify terminology and make use cases more comprehensible.

We raise awareness of the challenges posed by the technology – both in terms of developing AI in a professional context and in the private use of AI-powered applications.

The AI.Kick-off contains various concrete examples of use »made in NRW« which are tailored to the respective target group. You will immediately learn about opportunities in which AI use can be worthwhile and which partners you should consider for this.

The introductory presentation is free of charge.

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