AI Design Sprint™ Interactive AI workshops

Would you like to learn about possible applications of artificial intelligence in existing or new products or optimize processes using AI? We are happy to help with a free, interactive workshop format called AI Design Sprint™.

What is the AI Design Sprint™?

AI Design Sprints™ are a framework for the implementation of AI workshops, which was inspired by the Google Design Sprint and advanced by the Danish start-up 33A. In various sprint modules, your company’s employees autonomously develop AI solutions in small groups together with our AI experts within a certain time limit. These will then be tested and evaluated. The focus is on the application area relevant to the group. The workshops are particularly suitable for AI beginners who have little or no experience with artificial intelligence and its areas of application.

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Who is the Design Sprint for?

The AI Design Sprints™ can be conducted with individual companies or with mixed clusters of companies and industries. In a preliminary talk, we discuss specific needs and jointly determine which workshop elements you require.

How will the Design Sprint be implemented?

The AI Design Sprint™ is particularly suitable for a face-to-face implementation. Our AI experts will be happy to conduct the workshops on site at your company. If preferred, the sprint can also be conducted online.

Which modules are included in the Sprint?

Prior to the AI Design Sprint™, a preparatory framing will take place to determine the content and the required modules. The core of the Design Sprint is the Concept Development, which means the joint development of AI concepts in a workshop. This can be followed by an assessment workshop in which a data and ethics check is performed to assess the designed solutions.

Time scope of the modules:

  • Framing: 2–3 hours in which focus topics or processes are pre-discussed
  • Concept Development: 3–4-hour workshop to develop AI based concepts
  • Assessment: 3–4-hour workshop to evaluate concepts for their feasibility

Results of the Design Sprint

At the end of the joint work process, you will have formulated one or two AI concepts for your company which will generate benefits in the specific area you are considering. In the process, you will have defined three central tasks that AI can take on, combined them into a coherent, value-added process, and named the final product.

Depending on the scope of the modules used, you will also have obtained an overview of the necessary data and performed a specific ethics check for your use cases.

Benefits of the AI Design Sprint™ at a glance

No prior knowledge of AI is required for an AI Design Sprint™. Even groups with different levels of knowledge can work well together.

The various facets of artificial intelligence are easier to grasp when they are acquired autonomously and applied directly to one’s own work environment.

The AI Design Sprint™ framework enables fast and focused working and delivers initial concepts for a value-oriented AI solution after just a single workshop day.

Together we determine which modules your company needs and how to integrate other KI.NRW offerings, such as the AI.Shadowing.

As an offer from KI.NRW, the implementation of the AI Design Sprints™ is free of charge.

What participants say about the AI Design Sprint™

»The AI Design Sprint™ with KI.NRW was very exciting, entertaining and informative. We see AI as an important component of digitalization. Used in a sensible manner, it can be a valuable support for the hospitality industry in NRW. We will continue to pursue the developed solutions and thus further develop the practical benefits and technical understanding.«

Kurt Wehner, Regional Manager, DEHOGA NRW e.V. (German Hotel and Restaurant Association)

»We are very grateful for the exciting exchange and learning about the AI Design Sprint™. Although we are very involved with AI, it helped us a lot to go through the different topics of AI in a structured way. That’s why we recommend this format to other companies.«

Dr. Sebastian Schoenen, Head of Research & Development, Control€xpert GmbH

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