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KI.NRW exhibits “KI.Welten” and “KI.Landkarte” in Aachen city centre


Artificial intelligence you can touch: Interested citizens are invited to experience AI exhibits at the OecherLab

From 19 March to 5 July 2024, visitors to the OecherLab in the Kapuziner Karree in the centre of Aachen will have the opportunity to get to know and try out the “KI.Welten” (AI.Worlds) and the “KI.Landkarte” (AI.Map) of the North Rhine-Westphalian Competence Platform for Artificial Intelligence (KI.NRW). In the newly designed future room “AI – Understanding and Experiencing”, the exhibits are part of a permanent exhibition that is open to all interested parties free of charge. The opening will take place on Tuesday, 19 March at 11:00 am.

In an interactive and innovative environment, the OecherLab’s Future Space offers the opportunity to actively and playfully engage with the topic of artificial intelligence, try out AI tools and explore the limits and potential of this technology: from critically analysing the topic to experiencing AI applications in practice.

There will also be two exhibits from KI.NRW. At the “KI.Welten” augmented reality table, interested visitors can explore where AI-supported applications are already being used at home, in companies and in hospitals, making our everyday lives and work easier. The “KI.Landkarte” provides exciting insights into the AI ecosystem of North Rhine-Westphalia. More than 1000 projects, companies and applications relating to artificial intelligence are waiting to be discovered.

“In the future, we will encounter artificial intelligence in more and more areas of everyday life. It is therefore important that citizens can find out about the functionality and possible applications of this technology. The current AI exhibition at the OecherLab addresses precisely this issue and creates an exciting experience right in Aachen’s city centre. We are therefore delighted to be represented with our AI exhibits and cordially invite you to visit the OecherLab on your next trip through the city centre,” says Dr Christian Temath, Managing Director of KI.NRW.

The opening hours of the OecherLab are Tuesdays to Thursdays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. During this time, staff will be on hand to answer questions. On the opening day, Joscha Wirtz from the Wuppertal Institute will speak at 6:00 pm on the topic “Between innovation and responsibility: AI for a sustainable future”.

About the OecherLab

The OecherLab at Kapuzinergraben 19D in Aachen is both a testing space and a development centre. Since 2021, Oecher*innen – local dialect for Aacheners -, innovators, the local economy, city administration and politics have been given a creative space for innovative ideas here. The aim is to better connect the city of Aachen and realise the vision of a digitalised and smart city.

About KI.NRW

KI.NRW is the central point of contact for artificial intelligence in North Rhine-Westphalia. KI.NRW supports the transformation of North Rhine-Westphalia into a nationwide leading location for applied artificial intelligence. The aim is to accelerate the transfer of AI from cutting-edge research to industry, to establish a model region for professional qualification in AI and to promote the social dialog about AI. In doing so, KI.NRW places people and their ethical principles at the center of the design of artificial intelligence. KI.NRW is funded by the state ministries MWIKE and MKW and managed by one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS in Sankt Augustin.

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