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KI.NRW launches “KI.Welten” and invites you to a virtual AI discovery tour


Discovering fields of application for artificial intelligence (AI) – playfully, easily and conveniently from home: The competence platform Artificial Intelligence North Rhine-Westphalia KI.NRW launches the interactive exploration platform “KI.Welten” and creates a comprehensive overview of the possible applications of AI in private and professional contexts. In a virtual environment, users can navigate through various thematic islands and AI focus topics and learn about the diversity of AI systems in practical use. The KI.Welten serve as a source of impulses and ideas for SMEs, as a learning environment for use in schools, universities and other educational institutions, or as a digital exploration landscape for curious technology fans. Funded by the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy (MWIDE) and Culture and Science (MKW) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the KI.Welten are now available free of charge at 

Learn where and how artificial intelligence can be used with just a few clicks? This is now possible with a virtual discovery tour through the “KI.Welten”, an interactive exploration platform from KI.NRW. In a browser-based tool, users can move intuitively through multidimensionally designed working and living worlds and explore everyday application fields of AI systems. The aim is to demonstrate the numerous and diverse possible applications of AI systems and to convey how AI technology is already shaping our everyday lives.

A contribution to more knowledge on the subject of AI
“Studies have shown that more and more people understand what AI is. However, when it comes to the question of where exactly AI systems can be applied, not everyone feels well met yet. This is exactly where we come in with KI.Welten by illustrating that AI is already a omnipresent part of our everyday lives. We show practical use cases and explain the advantages that AI systems bring with them. In the process, anyone and everyone can learn something, whether they are a student, employee, boss or retiree. With KI.Welten, we want to contribute to raising awareness of the topic of AI while addressing a broad target group,” says Dr. Christian Temath, Managing Director of KI.NRW.

Explore everyday AI use cases through a playful approach.
A playful approach is pursued by splitting the knowledge into small units on different topic islands. In this way, visitors can visit departments of a company (marketing, production, warehouse, etc.) or even functional areas of an apartment (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) and receive information about where AI systems are already being used today via special markers. In the “Warehouse/Logistics” theme island, for example, these are transport drones, pick-and-place robots or sensor-supported sorting and conveyor belts; in the “Living & Leisure” theme island, they are intelligent televisions, AI racing games or music production software. If you want to know more about the corresponding use cases, they are explained in detail via a click in an info box. A filter function also offers a more targeted search to highlight specific AI focal points such as “language technologies,” “image recognition and understanding,” or “data analysis and forecasting” in the KI. Welten.

The KI.Welten are available free of charge on the website and will be continuously expanded with additional thematic islands. For exhibitions, showrooms, events and trade fairs, there will also be a physical exhibit that makes the AI use cases tangible through VR technology.

About KI.NRW
The competence platform KI.NRW is developing North Rhine-Westphalia into a leading national location for applied artificial intelligence (AI) and establishing the state in international networks. As the central state umbrella organization for artificial intelligence, KI.NRW combines the triad of cutting-edge research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to accelerate the transfer of AI from cutting-edge research to industry, to establish a leading region for professional qualification in AI and to set impulses in the social dialogue. In doing so, KI.NRW places people and their ethical principles at the center of the design of artificial intelligence. KI.NRW is funded by the state ministries MWIDE and MKW and led by one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS in Sankt Augustin.

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